Author Signed Copies of Winding Up Strangers in Bars Added to Store


While you could certainly pick this title up from Amazon or Google Books or Barnes & Noble for about the same price, the author actually profits substantially more if purchased from us here at Templars and Broccoli™. Plus our copies are signed by Barfly, so whaddya gonna do, am I right? Ayy. $20 + $5 s/h



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Floods – Tentacles of Abraxas Now Streaming on Soundcloud

You can now listen to Barfly‘s full length solo effort released in 2015 under the moniker Floods. The album is called Tentacles of Abraxas and originally accompanied first edition copies of Barfly’s novel Winding Up Strangers in Bars.

The largely sample free full length showcases Barfly’s songwriting and represents a stark departure from the sardonic humor of his early work. If you enjoy the album and want to support the artist, there are links to purchase below.




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Floods – Tentacles of Abraxas

floods-toa-quick-press-frontBarfly has authorized Tempest & Brolly™ to offer a very small number of his 2016 Floods album ‘Tentacles of Abraxas’ in a CD-R short run. The album was initially available only with purchase of Barfly’s novel ‘Winding Up Strangers in Bars’ but we have a handful of copies for sale in our store right now. These are priced to go and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Click here to order now!

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Winding Up Strangers in Bars – Lisbon, Portugal Engagement

lisbon show

Tempest & Brolly™ brand Luxury Contraband are proud to announce that Barfly’s novel+CD release Winding Up Strangers in Bars has been added to the LA//LX art installation opening tomorrow at Manteigaria de Lisboa in Lisboa, Portugal. Character sketches, editorial notes and loose leaf lyric pages lending insight into the author/musician’s creative process will all be on display along with the book and music. The exposition is focused on Los Angeles artists with connections to Portugal. Barfly’s grandmother Marie came to California from the northern coastal city of Porto. Erotic illustrator Natalie Krim and sculptor/miniaturist Matt Nichols round out the bill on this diverse little cultural exchange.

The show opens tomorrow and continues through the end of the month at Manteigaria de Lisboa located in Calçada de Santo Andre N33 Bloco 21 Esq in Lisbon. Copies of the book & CD package will be available there for purchase and the remaining 30 copies of the personally inscribed limited first edition are still available here:



Please allow three weeks for delivery.

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Now Taking Orders For the Final Copies of Winding Up Strangers in Bars Limited First Edition

WUSIB Cover Art Idea 6x9


Please allow three weeks for delivery.

Get one of the final copies of our Winding Up Strangers in Bars limited first edition book and CD packages personally inscribed by the author – $40 shipped to your door.

The first 50 units were sold and shipped in less than a month and now final 50 units of the 100 unit first edition are shipping fast. Once they are gone they are gone, out of print forever. After the first edition has sold out entirely it will be followed by an unlimited second edition pocket paperback with different cover art. The second edition will not include the CD or author’s inscription but all editions include a complimentary download link to the ebook edition and an MP3 copy of the Floods album Tentacles of Abraxas.


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Tempest & Brolly™ Proudly Present the Debut Novel by Barfly

WUSIB Cover Art Idea 6x9

Barfly, T&B’s de facto Czar of Propaganda has completed his debut novel and we are making it available for purchase here.

Go there now and part with all of your material wealth that you may enter the kingdom of heaven a just and austere puritan.

More info after the jump.

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K-Records’ All Your Friends Friends Out Now


In much the same way Blue Note opened their vaults to Madlib, Olympia, Washington’s beloved K Records (launchpad for such artists as Beck. Dub Narcotic Sound System and Chain & the Gang) opened their vaults to our Oldominion brother Smoke. The result is the album “All Your Friend’s Friends” which dropped Nov 11th. Our own Barfly has a slot on the album putting his words over a reworking of the legendary Daniel Johnston song “Some Things Last a Long Time”. Don’t let that turn you off though! The album also features real songs by real rappers!

You can get it online or order hard copies from K Recs.

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New Song: Seattle’s Diogenes f/ Barfly

Barry-LyndonPistols at Dawn

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Tempest & Brolly™ Presents Wolf Hotel Good Bye (Deconstructed) Free Download

Wolf Hotel web photo

Option 1:

Free download

Wolf Hotel – Good Bye (Deconstructed)


Included in this download:

•Wolf Hotel – Good Bye EP (five mp3s) words by Barfly, music by Graves33

• Wolf Hotel – Good Bye art and storybook penned and illustrated by Barfly (34 pdfs)

• Wolf Hotel – Good Bye cover art for mobile devices (1 .jpg file)

• Instructional txt file for crafting your own hardbound book (1 .txt file)

Option 2:

Stream songs for free on soundcloud

Happy Holidays from T & B™ Lux Contraband!

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Currently In Our Crosshairs

Don’t like being a rapper anymore? Nobody pointed a gun at your head and made you take that pack of Newports and Puma sweats.

When Tempest & Brolly™  was orchestrating the meeting that changed rap music forever, we were not exactly thrilled to find that people were actually receiving athletic apparel and cigarettes to do this bullshit. We gave you that, now be happy. Take it and go. We have more pressing matters.

If you hadn’t noticed, at this point we don’t even bother trying to hide what we do. Don’t believe me? Watch this; today we’ll be holding back Get Vicious. This woeful pairing of Pig Food Records’ Dezmatic and Grizzly Grimace is only off your radar because of our round the clock efforts. This brace of heathens flaunt the audacity to continue a tradition of using actual words and phrases to describe things. Humorous Hurtful things. This song is funny mean-spirited, irreverent insensitive, and it doesn’t have a shitty beat needs a trap hi-hat. Fuckin’ thing even rhymes is just over-thought Dad Rap. This is some off-target, seditionist bullshit and we’ll have none of that.

Shut ’em down, Illuminates.

And as always, thank you for marrying Tempest & Brolly™ Brand Luxury Contraband

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