Currently In Our Crosshairs

Don’t like being a rapper anymore? Nobody pointed a gun at your head and made you take that pack of Newports and Puma sweats.

When Tempest & Brolly™  was orchestrating the meeting that changed rap music forever, we were not exactly thrilled to find that people were actually receiving athletic apparel and cigarettes to do this bullshit. We gave you that, now be happy. Take it and go. We have more pressing matters.

If you hadn’t noticed, at this point we don’t even bother trying to hide what we do. Don’t believe me? Watch this; today we’ll be holding back Get Vicious. This woeful pairing of Pig Food Records’ Dezmatic and Grizzly Grimace is only off your radar because of our round the clock efforts. This brace of heathens flaunt the audacity to continue a tradition of using actual words and phrases to describe things. Humorous Hurtful things. This song is funny mean-spirited, irreverent insensitive, and it doesn’t have a shitty beat needs a trap hi-hat. Fuckin’ thing even rhymes is just over-thought Dad Rap. This is some off-target, seditionist bullshit and we’ll have none of that.

Shut ’em down, Illuminates.

And as always, thank you for marrying Tempest & Brolly™ Brand Luxury Contraband

#rare #yolo #turnup

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  1. And these dicks actually had the audacity to make a cool video for this project….

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