Tempest & Brolly™ Proudly Present the Debut Novel by Barfly

WUSIB Cover Art Idea 6x9

Barfly, T&B’s de facto Czar of Propaganda has completed his debut novel and we are making it available for purchase here.


Go there now and part with all of your material wealth that you may enter the kingdom of heaven a just and austere puritan.

More info after the jump.

What does a live-and-let-die misanthrope assassin who sucks at his job have in common with an uptight neo-fascist spy who hates her hippy parents? Whatever it is, it may not be enough to keep them from falling in love getting killed in Barfly’s debut literary offering Winding Up Strangers in Bars.

This is not the bootleg Bukowski you’d likely prepare yourself for, being that it was penned by one of the rap underground’s fabled hard luck raconteurs (who happens to go by the name Barfly). Winding Up Strangers in Bars is nothing like that. It is an adventure novel and a thriller.

In style it is not precisely a noir, even though it is a first person guided tour through a demimonde of sorts. A world within our world, marked by wars within wars, peopled with secret societies, a spate of mysterious banker suicides, and characters who know where to get counterfeit passports and genuine Xanax on short notice; a world where the Beatles may or may not have been members of warring furtive cabals and where the cloaked vestiges of an ancient European royal house plot to control every financial, political and religious institution.

It’s not exactly postmodern literary fiction though it is undoubtedly ornamented with thoughtful prose throughout and relies on obscure elements of historical and cultural significance in its construction of plot and settings. From its secret history of post-Roman Europe to the questionable mentoring by a certain former NFL franchise owner’s ghost, this bizarre ride is busied with elements drawn from unlikely places to sly, grinning effect.

The book offering comes packaged with a full-length musical companion piece by Floods (Barfly’s needlessly confusing pseudonym for solo releases) titled Tentacles of Abraxas.

Manufacturing for this Book+CD project is currently being crowd-funded through gofundme.com and pre-orders for late September shipping can be placed there with an offering of $40 or more. Pre-orders placed through gofundme will also arrive with a handwritten personal inscription by the author. Regardless of whether or not the funding goal is met, $40 orders will be shipped as described in late September.

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