Tempest & Brolly™ Proudly Present the Debut Novel by Barfly

WUSIB Cover Art Idea 6x9

Barfly, T&B’s de facto Czar of Propaganda has completed his debut novel and we are making it available for purchase here.


Go there now and part with all of your material wealth that you may enter the kingdom of heaven a just and austere puritan.

More info after the jump.

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Dear Leader Breaks Radio Silence, So To Speak

Watch your back, Musk.This came over the wire today. First word from the Boss in months. Apparently still in 1950s South America. Apparently still very concerned with things here in 2015 U.S.A.

Think I should tell him about Trump?

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We Ain’t Dead Yet!

tandb 2015 bday

That’s right. We’ve made it another year and somehow we’re still rich, still completely solvent.

We here at Tempest & Brolly™ Brand Luxury Contraband are too old to be doing this and too stupid to hang up the spikes. We don’t even know how old we are because we stopped counting last year.

We have a couple of things in the works for this year and we’re excited to tell you about them as soon as we’re a little closer to release.

So that’s it. That’s our big birthday non-update. Mostly we’re just posting this to prove that someone still lives here.

Happy 2015 and as always, thank you for marrying T & B™ Lux Contraband.

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K-Records’ All Your Friends Friends Out Now


In much the same way Blue Note opened their vaults to Madlib, Olympia, Washington’s beloved K Records (launchpad for such artists as Beck. Dub Narcotic Sound System and Chain & the Gang) opened their vaults to our Oldominion brother Smoke. The result is the album “All Your Friend’s Friends” which dropped Nov 11th. Our own Barfly has a slot on the album putting his words over a reworking of the legendary Daniel Johnston song “Some Things Last a Long Time”. Don’t let that turn you off though! The album also features real songs by real rappers!

You can get it online or order hard copies from K Recs.



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Over 800 Years In the Game and Suckers Are Just Catching Up

We promise to rebrand and relaunch just as soon as the new hot shit becomes apparent. Until then, remember to twist your mustache and pomade that undercut.


h/t Ra Scion and Marshall Stack

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“Sinking Ships” Video from Sleep of Oldominion

We are proud to have handled the art work for this album and we are proud to present to you the first video from the album. This is Sleep and Maulskull’s “Sinking Ship” pulled from their forthcoming full length LP titled ‘Oregon Failure’. Enjoy.

If you think this is right up your alley, then head on over to Strange Famous Records, who are kindly lending a hand with the pre-orders.


This is Sleep’s fourth solo LP and the first full length he’s undertaken releasing on his own. It’s a career milestone as much as it is a creative milestone and we wish him all the best with the album.

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New Song: Seattle’s Diogenes f/ Barfly

Barry-LyndonPistols at Dawn

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